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Until quite recently we all stood a good chance of reaching a ripe old age. Now, our future has become very uncertain.

However, this does not absolve us of the obligation to work with a view to the future; it is not only a therapeutic but also a professional necessity. Society must begin to prepare for the political, economic and demographic changes to come.

Students from three Central European universities have taken part in the LongLife project to show that design, art and architecture can help find possible solutions in different areas of the phenomenon of aging. Some of their ideas are practical and feasible, others are visions provoking further thought.

These young designers have approached the topic from very different and sometimes surprising perspectives, ranging from more inclusive UX design of smartphones to very stylish yet highly functional furniture, and clever therapeutic aids to the tongue-in-cheek management of one’s online presence.

Design has the power and responsibility to facilitate change in our approach. And young designers are proving to be acutely aware of it.

Involved Schools

Our Team

  • Project Authors
    Bohuslav Stránský
    Miroslav Zelinský
  • Curators
    Vladimíra Černá
    Elena Farkašová
    Martina Zuzaňáková
  • Texts
    Vladimíra Černá, Elena Farkašová, Eliška Káčerková, Lucie Trejtnarová, Miroslav Zelinský, Martina Zuzaňáková
  • Exhibition System
    Tibor Ďuriš
    Jan Veselský
  • Implementation Team
    Vladimír Kovařík, Helena Lukášová, Václav Ondroušek, Ivan Pecháček, Sabina Psotková, Václav Skácel, Bohuslav Stránský, Miroslav Zelinský
  • Photography
    Department of Advertising Photography, FMK UTB
  • Graphic Design
    Roman Nevrlý
    Markéta Babková
    Jakub Marek
  • Web Design
    Roman Nevrlý
    Adrián Gubrica
    Michal Kyselica
  • Web Development
    Adrián Gubrica