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Live to be one hundred years old? It won't be a fantasy movie in a few years.

In a certain sphere of human thought, there are ideas which naturally make us think about the future. The near and distant future. Feelings of insecurity make us vulnerable. The turmoil of having questions in one’s head but no acceptable rational answers to them. What will life be like in a few decades? Will I still be here? What technologies will I be surrounded by? What about my health? Each of us could add a number of other questions.

The demographic predictions are positive for us, bringing optimistic three-digit numbers as examples of life expectancy. The collected life materials will be enough for a feature film. There will be several storylines, several generations.

The child's easiness will intertwine with experience, desire with rationality, an understanding furrow above the forehead with insolent rejection. It will be a film with footage exceeding 100 minutes. The editor might cut it shorter to make it denser or it might “overflow”, as some plot twists simply cannot be omitted.

I'm sure the casting will be spectacular. From newborns to the silver-flowered heads full of daily (non)mundaneness. The interaction between them will escalate. The dynamics of the story will be supported by a vision of the world in, perhaps, all shades of the generation spectrum. The disagreement which forces a “pause” to the film and raises the question of the real intentions of the screenplay writer. We cannot reach the remote controller, so the action continues.

The characters are celebrating the birth of the first son, soon the second will arrive. Cut – the characters are fighting furiously, teenage brothers divided by an unsolvable feud in their eyes. Images are changing at a fast pace from studios, travel experiences, weddings, job changes, divorce stands, houses, friends. The pace is unsustainable, the viewer is fascinated by the wins, the losses, the joys, the sadness, the black, the white.

Suddenly, it calms down, it is more prudent, the movements of the actors reflect stories, memories. The film is coming to its finale! A tear shimmers in the eyes of many viewers. The piano accompaniment highlights the closing credits. So many names, so many people who participated in the life of an individual while living their own lives at the same time.

The future will bring more and more scenarios. The similarity with reality will not be purely coincidental, it will not be fantasy. The story will be ours and it will make us sit in the movie theatre for more than an hour and forty minutes. Every minute has the value of a year in real life. The theme comes from us. Regardless of the viewers’ tastes, it should satisfy us first of all.

Eliška Káčerková

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